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Velvet Remi

Velvet Remi Yaki Weave



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Velvet Remi Yaki Hair is made from only the most healthy, youthful human hair using our breakthrough process which insure that all cuticles face the same direction throughout manufacturing. This unique process preserves the protective outer layers of each hair and results in a more natural look and smoother feel. And because Velvet Remi Hair is created with such care, it retains its natural luster much longer than ordinary human hair. The superior quality. Preferred choice of hair professionals worldwide. True Remi, one-direction cuticle hair. PLEASE NOTE: Hair color in images may differ from actual due to lighting, screen resolution, and settings. Product come delivered with color numbers only. Description of the hair color serves as a helpful suggestion of what the color resembles, which may vary depending on the individual. Colors may differ in tone and shade between different manufacturers.

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